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Wetalkinbout whachutalkinbout! Whachutrendinbout... Whachuwearin... Whachuailinbout... Whachueatin...Whachugovernmentbout... Whachuentertainin and nine times outta ten... We gotta shirtabout it!

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I'm so happy that Whachutalkinbout Ent. opened up these avenues of communications. I'm promoting and advocating Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity "cures". I, also, through the writing of They Don't Clap for Me Anymore, have shared with all how to survive the will of others' dreams for us in our lives. Get out the box! This venue provides an accessible means of communicating troublesome personal, professional and relational issues with the possibility of getting others' opinions and ideas to cure what ails you.

Cynthia Z. Bland

Author of "Making Eating Right Easy" and "They Don't Clap for Me Anymore".

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Harlem Howard,


After being FREED of a completely DEBILITATING seizure disorder, that left her having on some days up to thirty- two seizures in a twenty-four hour period and in a wheelchair, barely able to walk or talk taking up to 28 pills per day, Harlem Howard was introduced to a high grade of natural leaf marijuana from a friend and a customized dietary PLAN put together by author, Cynthia Z. Bland of "Making Eating Right Easy".  Harlem was walking and talking within three days. The HEALING was astonishing... absolutely remarkable! Currently, Harlem has been seizure free for eight months and is taking six medications per day.  Harlem, mother of three (two MILLENNIALS and one angel looking over us) , adopted mother to most, and favorite aunt to all has decided to share her story and ADVOCATE for the medicinal marijuana program as well as various programs as they may pertain to our RIGHTS as individuals as AMERICANS.  As the current "Administration" continues to move forward, more ISSUES come to the forefront. Therefore, Whachutalkinbout Ent. looks into what is AFFECTING us as a NATION and what is EFFECTING us as a PEOPLE. From what's trending in fashion and beauty, to health and wellness; finance and business to government and politics; entertainment, travel and great food... We wanna know whachutalkinbout! We wannatalkabout it  and make a shirtabout it too!